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Jab Tak (M.S Dhoni) Extended Version (Vocal: Kishore Kumar Banerjee)

Hi Friends,

Happy Mahalaya!
Tried a new stuff in music too creating lyrics & composing the extended version of the song "Jab Tak" from M.S Dhoni.
It's vocal totally as didn't get any karaoke stuff & hope you wouldn't mind that.
Not a singer though still experimented.
Enjoy listening.

Kishore Kumar Banerjee

Weekend coming soon! (Kishore gifting you with his poems & stories).

Hi Friends,

Get ready for this weekend!
Saturday (Seventh Poem): "Broken Friendship"
Sunday (Sunday Mini Classics): "Destiny" 
                                              (Chapter Two: The Sin)

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And Enjoy Reading!

Kishore Kumar Banerjee

"Destiny": (Chapter One: The Confrontation)

Readers who want to read it as a PDF, here's the link (click & it will take you to a new tab with the PDF opened in it):

(PDF gives a better view, with all fonts applied in a proper manner)

And, for readers who want it direct, enjoy it (inscribed below):

"Circumspect each activity you do every day, because fate revolves around the same circumstances”

- KB

“Destiny” -Kishore Kumar Banerjee (KB)

Note: All the characters are purely fictional, and the places named are used as references. The total setup is a pure work on fiction & has not been used for any harm or influence.

CHAPTER ONE: "The Confrontation"

“Help me!” “Someone help, I want to cross the road.” (Distant Voices)
Oh! Was I in a dream? (I wake up suddenly)
I see myself sitting near a graveyard, might be a usual morning walk & sitting besides the ones who have left this world. I quickly look at my watch, it is 13th Dec. 1989. I see a …


Narrating the following verses are tough
As encapsulating the relationship in a few lines isn't enough
Each act performed every moment were impossible
If was not associated with you, Mother

Oh! the strange emotions creep
Hard to explain & reasons wayward to seek
Wouldn't have known what love, care, pain, share is
If was not associated with you, Mother

Days passed, started growing old
Morality didn't last, mistakes became bold
Conquering happiness for my own ones was the motto now
Shading me in white from the world of black it is you, Mother

Post maturity turning all bad to good being the mission
Each act engendering a smile in your face is the vision
To be your child every birth is the only desire
Nobody can be like you, Mother

Kishore Kumar Banerjee

Announcing "Destiny" as a series of episodes releasing weekly every Sunday!


This is to inform you that my second short story "Destiny" under the new addition "Sunday Mini Classics" will be clustered in 3 episodes which will be released every week on Sunday.

This decision has been taken on two perspectives:

1) As to see if there are returning visitors in my Blog who are really liking my contents. Comments will definitely will be a solution to it. I am eager to hear from your side "Hey! Kishore, what will happen in the next Episode?, we are pretty excited!"

2) It will give me ample opportunity to strengthen my future writings (contents) & will help me to write much better in future.

So, eager for Episode 1: "Destiny"?
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But the most important part "Enjoy Reading"

Kishore Kumar Banerjee

"Mother" (Sixth Poem) & "Destiny" (Second Short Story: Sunday Mini Classics) Coming Soon!

Hi Friends,

Happy Thursday!.
Hope you all are doing great.
Today I announce about the upcoming sixth poem this Saturday & the second short story in the edition "Sunday Mini Classics".
Saturday: "Mother" (Sixth Poem)
Sunday: "Destiny" (Second Story)
I discussed with my Mom this week regarding the Blog which i have created & she requested me to write a poem on her.
So, I am tried to write it though describing the relation in a limited number of lines was a very hectic task.
Still I have tried & I dedicate the poem "Mother" to all the mothers in the entire universe.
Hope you all will like it.
Now talking about the short story "Destiny", I am trying to learn from the presentation which I did when I published the first short story "Rama & Heera" & effort is being made to write much better than the previous.
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But the most important part Enjoy Reading!


"Sunday Mini Classics": Apology from my side :(

Hi Friends,

Happy Monday!
I apologize for not uploading the second story in my new edition "Sunday Mini Classics".
I had to appear for an examination.
But I promise coming Sunday, the second short story will be uploaded.
Poster will be coming soon!

Kishore Kumar Banerjee


Days come and pass by. Time runs without any clue, but why?. I feel myself busy in the world of blue. Oh girl! would you mind if I said that I love you.

In dreams I find myself in a beach. Hours of boredom and thousand reasons of defeat. I struggle to explore about you, to find some clue. Oh girl! would you mind if I said that I love you.

Days work gets pending. Tension, fear, sorrow, depression all starts blending. I contemplate to find is it me the same whom I knew. Oh girl! would you mind if I said that I love you.

Want some happy days, some peace and some life. Think of such beautiful days when I can call you my wife. You have to gather it all as my emotions are strew. Oh girl! would you mind if I said that I love you.
Kishore Kumar Banerjee


Hi Friends,

Happy Wednesday!
Fifth Poem:"To My Love"
Sounds interesting?
Catch it live!
Hitting my Blog"This Saturday"
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Kishore Kumar Banerjee


Hi Friends,/

Happy Sunday!
Today I am sharing with you all my first short story named "Rama & Heera (The Snake).
I am a bit tensed & nervous about the reaction from your side on this.
Kindly comment so that I can understand if I have been able to touch your emotions or not.
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(For Better Viewing)
Below is the link for the PDF (For the ones, who want to read it later: you will get the PDF download option in the page through the link)

And for the ones who want to read it in my Blog, I am uploading it here right away:


Note: All the places & names implemented in this story is a work of fiction. 

In a village named "Kuthiari" lived a boy named "Rama". He had a small family with his father & mother. His father worked as a farmer for his own acquired land in the exteriors of the village. S…

"No Circles"

Isolation.. But with realization.. End of a formation.. With proper justification..

Dominance the reason.. Mission being treason.. Hatred.. Without any proper season..

Circles of own.. Breaks with reason known.. Though it is not shown.. Emotions remain unknown..

I too wanted support.. As an island with a port.. No care.. So had to abort..

That is how it unfold.. Suggestion is.. Get a hold.. This is not a group..

Kishore Kumar Banerjee

This Weekend- Back to Back Collections from my side: Enjoy!

Hi Friends,

Enjoy this weekend with back to back collections from my side.

Saturday Morning: My Fourth Poem "No Circles"
Sunday Afternoon: "Sunday Mini Classics": Rama & Heera (The Snake)

So enjoy reading.
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Kishore Kumar Banerjee


Hi Friends,

Hold on your seats!
"Sunday Mini Classics" will open itself with it's first short story this Sunday.
"Rama & Heera (The Snake)" the first in the list.
Such stories will continue every Sunday.
So, don't miss any of them.
All my profile & page links have been enlisted in the poster.
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But most important thing is read & enjoy it!

Kishore Kumar Banerjee

"No Circles": My Fourth Poem: Coming This Saturday!

Hi Friends,

Happy Tuesday!
You might get confused seeing the image.
Don't be confused, it's the "poster"of my next poem to be released named as"No Circles".

I wanted to share why I wrote this poem with all of you.
Let you all also know some facts about your poet (ha ha ha)!
I want to be happy in my life, if I got some talent & knowledge I try to share that with all my friends. (That's my Motto).
As I am pretty frank, I love making friends & during my MBA's (Post Graduation times) I made a group of friends.
But as I said I love spreading everything I learn, I tried to share those but the group (which I was indulged in) never understood what my emotions were, disapproving my thoughts was the scene mostly.
So the decision I made was to grasp all the emotions inside me & make myself far from them.
That was the time when this poem was penned, all the emotions that were deep inside came out through the verses of this poem.

I am sure you all also have th…

Announcing: "Sunday Mini Classics": Every Sunday

Hi Friends,

Hope you had a great weekend!
So, I had to announce you this "Sunday Mini Classics" and was pretty excitedabout it.
I had some short stories which I wrote a while earlier & wanted readers who would love them to read.
So, its the high time to start it.
Grab your seats till next Sunday as the first story will be released.
Till then celebrate this moment: "Nach De Ne Saare..Gal Mil Ke..Aaj Hil Dul Ke..Le Saare Ke Saare Nazaare" (Translation: "Let's Dance..Hug..Move our feets..Via the moments we experience in life")
Ha Ha Ha
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Kishore Kumar Banerjee

"Wish": My Third Poem: Enjoy Reading!

Who is your worst enemy?..
Are you thinking?..
Still Calculating..
Mind is complicated..

Family,friends, Society..
Choose among them?..
Still thinking?..Oh! Calculating..
Relationships are complicated..

Money, fame, love, respect..
Wondering which to take?..
Why thinking?..Why Calculating?..
Happiness is complicated..

Hunger, emotion..Futuristic composition..
How much to build or to save?..
Same thinking..Further calculating..
Satisfaction is complicated..

Kishore Kumar Banerjee

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Hi Friends,

There is another good news in the line.
Now you can get all the updates about my "Blog" via Instagram too.
My Instagram username is kishorebanerjee
You can find it easily as I have posted my Instagram Profile screenshot too.
Like & Comment there too, will be looking forward for your suggestions.
And continue reading my poems, the next one"Wish"is releasing this Saturday.
Have a good day ahead for Global friends & Good Night to all Indian Friends.

Kishore Kumar Banerjee