A "Wish" came true yesterday!!

Hi Friends,

Yesterday it was my Sister's 25th Birthday!
And it is her last birthday before she gets married this December.
Now all my family members had some "Wish" to celebrate in their own manner & feelings.
I am describing those, can be slight different too but it includes that too:

"My Papa had a wish to organize it as big as he could.
My Mom had a wish to make her daughter happy so she bought a Saree for her.
My Aunty had a wish to stay in Kolkata & relish the moments.
My Grandmother had a wish that let all be together & happy.
I had a wish that I come from Office quick & spend as much time with my Sister.
My Sister had a wish to celebrate & be happy the whole day"

So, basically we all have some wishes which when fulfilled gives us the ultimate ecstasy.
I sited an event which brought all our "Wishes" of our family members fulfilled.
You all too have many "Wishes" & I hope all such wishes would come true.

My Poem "Wish" is on the same thing, so this might add you a little more interest to read.
So, will be hoping that you all come & read the third installment "Wish" on Saturday.

Kishore Kumar Banerjee


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